Grocery shopping via app

So I ordered some groceries using the Fred Meyers app today. Actually they are just using Instacart which is a grocery shopping app where someone will go to a store and shop for you as if you went yourself. Kinda like Uber for groceries. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were uber drivers as well.

So I bought 9 items because they didn’t seem to have a minimum purchase amount. Normally, I buy my delivered groceries from Safeway and they require a minimum $50 purchase. Or if could be $35. Anyways I wanted to make a pasta salad and I ordered what I needed for that. Then I needed eggs because eggs and cereal because I was out of mine.

I chose the option for 2 hour delivery because I wanted to see if they’d deliver. They did so kudos for that. Safeway is tough to schedule a same day delivery let alone 2 hours.

The app is great. I’m sure it works like the Instacart app. It told me when my delivery person was shopping for the food and as she picked each item up it said so. If there was a problem with the item I instructed to text me for instructions but as I expected there were no issues.

After she left the store, I could track her on the map as well so I knew exactly when she’d be in my driveway.

All in all it was a great experience and I tipped her well and gave 5 stars. I’d recommend it if you need grocery delivery. It gave me the old time feel of a small town with teenage Jimmy delivering food from the general store.

If you don’t have Instacart or Fred Meyers available, Safeway and Albertsons do their own delivery as well, although they are a bit bigger and they do drive their 20′ trucks around to deliver. They busted up the gutters on my house which is the only reason I mention it. Yeah, they fixed it.

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