It’s totally illogical how I love vegetables. As far as I can remember I loved to eat them. I’m not sure if it’s because I like to eat, or if it’s because I didn’t know better and it just tasted good.

From what I remember, I was never truly forced to eat all my food because I just ate it. I remember having stupid fits because it wasn’t prepared the way I wanted it, like sunny side up eggs vs over hard eggs vs scrambled. But I still ate those because I love eggs. I know my friends who ate lunch at Denny’s with me all the time know this. (I ate their eggs because they hated them. I know!)

But about the broccoli and veggies. I love them. I like them steamed and blanched and baked and grilled. I’ll take them any way you can. And I’m a simple man. Salt and pepper are just fine for seasoning. Sometimes I do like some Johnnys seasoning though.

My love for veggies is totally illogical though. I think as a child I must have been great and a nightmare when it came to eating. Yes, it’s true I literally was the garbage disposal that would eat all the leftovers. My mom tells me she has to hide food to prevent me from eating it. It’s funny, and I believe her. I just love to eat. Personally I’m surprised I don’t weigh 600 lbs. Although, now I don’t eat half as much as I used to.

Do you like your vegetables? How refined is your palate?

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